Snyder Racing Enterprises
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The Team:
Driver: Brian Snyder

As a young kid, I practically grew up at Selinsgrove Speedway, riding around in my dad's push truck. Once I got a little older, I took a opportunity to work on a sprint car owned by Bill Glenn. After several great years with Bill, I became a spectator due to his retirement. One year of that was was time to go racing. In the fall of '95, I contacted a friend who sold me my first kart. The rest is.....history.

Crew Chief: Angelia Nardi

Angie joined the team in late 2002, and since then has taken learning to a whole new level in order to help put the team in victory lane.  Her dedication has fit right in here at SRE and has been greatly appreciated.

The History of Snyder Racing Enterprises

The team was formed in the fall of 1995. After an uneventful first two seasons, the team finally made it big. With one a championship at one track and a runner up at another, Snyder Racing racked up a season total of 24 wins in 1998.

With a career total of 75 wins and 2 championships under his belt, Snyder heads off into retirement after the 2005 season with an impressive career behind him.

On a side note, Snyder took on a new challenge in 2003. Returning to his roots, he is up the Crew Chiefing duties for none other than future micro sprint sensation Ken Duke Jr. So far the partnership has produced 8 wins to date through 2005.

Snyder Racing Ent would like to thank:

Hampton Inn - Selinsgrove

HorstCraft Millworks - Liverpool

Housing Products Inc - Selinsgrove

Stop - N - Go Signs - Selinsgrove

Duke Racing Inc. - Selinsgrove

Duke Power Engines - Selinsgrove

Illusion Racing Chassis -

Chad Bogar

and most importantly...Angelia Nardi