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For the second week in a row, Mother Nature tried to put her foot down on the action at Selinsgrove Raceway Park. But the racers prevailed, beating the fast closing storm. The night began with the team engineers scratching their heads over a ill handling chassis after the practice session eneded. After cracking out the notebook and conferring with head team engineer Ken Duke Jr., changes were meade in hopes of qualifying well in the heat race. Even though the changes seems to help the handling, it was obvious something else was wrong with the teams '04 Illusion leaving Snyder with an 8th place qualifying run. During the down time the team searched for answers to their dissapointing performance. With the main event closing, and no clear answers in sight the team made the normal preparations in hopes a miracle could be performed. But shortly before heading to the grid, a major part malfunction was discovered giving explanation to the teams eratic run earlier. With repairs made Snyder bolted onto the track hoping for some retribution. Although track conditions were still not optimal, Snyder used the top side of the speedway to make progress from his 8th starting spot. Unable to catch any major breaks to run with the leaders, Snyder managed to climb into the top 5 before the checkered flag flew. Although dissapointed with the end result, the team engineers were still please with the forward progress in the main event.

With R&D work on the teams secondary powerplant complete, our primary engine will make it's highly anticipated season debut next week. We would like to take the time thank The Hampton Inn, HorstCraft Millworks, Housing Products Inc., Stop-N-Go Signs and Duke Racing Engines, as well as our friends and family for their support of Snyder Racing Ent. We greatly appreciate the support and we look forward to a great season here at S.R.E. We hope to see you at the track soon!





Finally the 2005 season gets kicked off. In our sesaon debut we found the track conditions less than stellar thanks to a mid week snow fall. After some hot laps the team engineers were scratching their heads as to how to get a hold of the greasy surface. With changes made Snyder hit the track running, dashing from his fourth starting spot to the lead in the first turn. The lead was short lived as Snyder literally "slipped" back to fourth by the checkered. After some clean up and a few more educated guesses, Snyder was ready for the main event. It looked as though he would be ready to strike again in the early laps. Running third our driver had to check up for the second place driver who looked to be in the process of looping his ride. All momebtum was lost, the door was opened and the freight train came through, relegating Snyder to 6th. By the time the checkered fell, our driver had clawed his way back up to finish the opener with a top 5 finish.

We would like to take the time thank The Hampton Inn, HorstCraft Millworks, Housing Products Inc., Stop-N-Go Signs and Duke Racing Engines, as well as our friends and family for their support of Snyder Racing Ent. We greatly appreciate the support and we look forward to a great season here at S.R.E. We hope to see you at the track soon!



Another special announcement. As of today, Snyder Racing has gained enven more support from the business world. We are happy to announce that Housing Products Inc., locally known as HPI, has come on board to help Team SRE acheive its goals in 2005. Many thanks go out to the whole crew at HPI!



We here at Snyder Racing are pleased to annouce the addition of a 2nd new sponsor for the 2005 season. An agreement was made today with Horst Craft Millworks of Liverpool, Pa to join forces for the upcoming season. Thanks to Jason and the whole HCM crew for your support of Team SRE!



Just a quick note to say the kart is coming together nicely. All systems are go for the Team SRE rocket to make its debut at the annual mall show starting this Sunday @10am.



Hello race fans! It's about time we update you a little as to the goings on here at S.R.E. First off, we are proud to annouce a new sponsorship in 2005. We wish to welcome The Hapmton Inn in Selinsgrove to our team and we hope the partnership will prove prosperous. We are looking forward to a great season here at Snyder Racing. Two fresh Duke Power powerplants are waiting to roar to life. Fresh rubber and a slick new body are also ready to hit the track. But before that the team hopes to secure a spot in the annual Selinsgrove Speedway and Raceway Park Mall Show at the Susquehanna Valley Mall from Feb. 20th thru the 26th. Come see us there! At this time the team schedule is still undergoing some tweaking, but solid plans are being made to make another bid at the Selinsgrove Raceway Park 2005 Extra Heavy Championship! We hope to see you there every Friday night throughout the season. Until then....

Snyder Racing Public Relations




Hello races fans! Just a quick update from the Snyder Racing homefront. After several weeks of lackluster performances at Selinsgrove Raceway Park, Team S.R.E. finally pulled it together this past Friday night. After changing to a fresh Duke Power motor, Snyder's Illusion chassis seemed to be more than up to the task. After a promising practice Snyder started fourth in his qualifer. After nosing into the lead brielfy on lap one, Snyder jumped a competitor's wheel and slid back to where he started. He salvaged a third place finish to have a good spot in the feature. With optimism high, Snyder rolled his Illusion out for the feature hoping to shake the monkey off the team's back. After a strong start, our ace driver surged into second on lap one and set out after the leader. Unfortunalty a minor adjustment between the heat and the main seemed to keep the team's stallion from running to the front. As laps wound down, Snyder was unable to erase the defecit between himself and the leader, settling for a well earned 2nd place.

Snyder racing would like to thank the friends, family and fans, as well as Duke Racing for their continued support. With spirits high, the team will return to SRP this Friday in hopes of improving this past weeks efforts. See you there!



Happy Easter to all. Sitting back after a nice holiday meal, it's time to catch the fans up on the season thus far. After a very positive practive day at GVAT, Snyder ventured to Selinsgrove for three consecutive venues over the last few weeks. Unfortunatly the results are almost not worth mentioning. After the first three shows Team SRE only had one top five to speak of. However, yesterday was a much different story. Not only did Snyder decide to make it a two show weekend by traveling to GVAT on Saturday, but also made a choice to pull double duty and run both Heavies and Super Heavies. When all was said and done, Team S.R.E. came a way with a commanding win in Super Heavies and a solid third place in Heavies. Team S.R.E. would like to say special thanks to Duke Racing for the extra help this week trying to pull off the double. Snyder and his team will return to action next Friday at Selinsgrove Raceway Park. See you there!



Happy New Year race fans. Yes, we know it's a little late but what the heck. Some excting news here in the Snyder Racing camp. We are pleased to announce that the retirement talk of our ace driver, Brian Snyder, can be thrown out the window. Not only is he not retiring the S.R.E. team has just made the purchase of a new pony to put in the stables for 2004. It was decided that an Illusion Chassis would be the ride of choice this year and we here are extremely excited about that decision. The new rocket is almost ready and pics of it with a new paint scheme will arrive soon. No concrete plans have been made as to where Snyder will hang his helmet for the year, but specualtion is the team will return to defend it's 2003 title at Selinsgrove Raceway Park. Periodic visits to Greenwood Valley Action Track are also planned in conjuction with the micro sprint efforts of Duke Racing Inc. See the schdeule page to keep tabs on where we are. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!



Well race fans it's been a long time since we've had an update but boy is there alot to tell. First and foremost the team has much to celebrate thses days. Five long years have passed since the Snyder Racing Ent. ended a season on top of the mountain, but for only the second time in his illustrious eight year career Brian Snyder is a champion. With things pretty well in hand a few weeks before the season's ending, the announcement was made at the final race that Team S.R.E. did indeed hold fort against all other challengers to become the 2003 Selinsgrove Raceway Park Extra Heavy Champion. A celebratory party was held afterwards tot he delight of crew members, family and friends.
 After taking a few weeks of to rest and to devote some time to his crew chief duties over at Duke Racing, Snyder once again brought out his famous black #4 for one last season outing at Greenwood Valley Action Track. Just as with Bill Elliott on the Nascar circuit, rumors are running rampant about Snyder's retirement. However our ace driver quickly silenced the rumor mill temporarily by giving them a top notch performance to talk about this past Saturday night. After surviving poor track conditions during practice as well as another plaguing bearing problem during a pre-qualifing break, Snyder and his team engineers dialed in his kart so well that he went on to win his qualifying event by over a straightaway. Even with that commanding performance behind him, Snyder refused to sit on the setup for the main event. With a few changes made, Snyder set out on the track for the feature. After getting a minor challenge from the other front row competitor, Snyder got himself into high gear and streaked away from the rest of the field to win by well over half a lap.

 With the season now at a close, Snyder Racing would like to again thank it's family, friends and most importantly the S.R.E. fans for the support they have given the team this year and in the past. Special thanks go out to Bot's Cafe, Showtime Auto Accessories, Duke Power Engines and Duke Racing for make this championship season possible.


It's about time we here at SRE get you caught up on some news. It's always been said everyone goes through a slump once and a while. Unfortunately here at Snyder Racing, our latest slump has lasted entirely too long. For most of the middle part of the summer, Snyder's old reliable black rocket has been more temperamental than a scolded 5 year old. Week after week of struggling left the team scratching their heads and looking for answers. Luckily, after several nights with team engineers brainstorming til the wee hours of the morning, Snyder was unable to unlock a few of the reasons that had kept his kart from handling properly. New setups were wrenched into the team Ultramax and SRE prepared for a weekend of action.

However, since then Mother Nature has not allowed Snyder to try out his renewed speed machine at his home venue of Selinsgrove Raceway Park. But with anticipation high, Snyder found a way to see if all the hard work and hours of labor were going to pay off. And did it ever pay off.

After a rained strickened Selinsgrove Speedway cancelled two weeks ago, Snyder set out to Lil Greenwood Speedway to test his recalibrated racer. Even with massive storms that afternoon, Snyder arrived to find a great racetrack. After capturing his qualifying event, team engineers had to restrain Snyder from wrenching on the kart to make it faster. And it was the untouched setup that allowed Snyder to gain the lead on lap one and never look back. When the checkered flag fell at the end of the evening, it was Snyder Racing on top for the first time in two months, winning in convincing fashion. One more week passed, and again Mother Nature had other plans than racing for Selinsgrove Raceway Park. With Snyder not satisfied with only the five laps of practice during the course of Friday evening, the team set out once again Saturday for Greenwood Valley Action Track to join the Duke Racing micro sprint team for some high flying action. After venturing through a vicious rain storm, Snyder arrived to see the facility not in optimum shape. But the promoter's tenacity gave Snyder the opportunity to repeat his feat from the week prior. Given this chance, Snyder did not want to disappoint. After a not quite perfect, but winning qualifying effort, the crew went to work to making adjustments. After only a few laps of the main event, it was apparent the changes had worked, as Snyder streaked away from the field to win by over a straightaway. This victory not only means alot as far as breaking out of the slump, but has also set a milestone for the team. Upon collecting the checkered flag Saturday night, Snyder boosted his career wins to a total of 70.

At this time we want to thank everyone for sticking with us through the slump and for the encouragement you gave us. Special thanks go out to the Duke Racing team, for without their devoted assistance, Snyder racing would not be back in top form. Once again this week Team SRE looks forward to returning to action at Selinsgrove as usual. With all systems go, Snyder looks forward to maintaining his points lead at Selinsgrove and being able to capture his second career championship. See you at the track!

Snyder Racing finally kicked off their season with an ''unplanned'' visit to the Greenwood Valley Action track in Millville, Pa. The normal arrangement has Snyder joining the Duke Racing team in support of their micro sprint operation, but the team loaded up their own hauler at the behest of the Dukes to make it a full day of racing. Upon hitting the track for the first time in practice, Snyder found his ride to be less than perfect but manageable. Returning to pits, Snyder consulted Duke and retuning karter Adam Dimm to help make the kart a rocket. Due to a poor pill pull, Snyder found himself lining up 7th out of nine in the second of two heat races for the Super Heavy class. But when the green flag dropped, our ace driver wasted no time getting to the front. A bold move swept Snyder past all the karts ahead of him by the end of lap one, allowing him to cruise to victory in his qualifier.

With only minor adjustments for the nights main even, Snyder was set to line up on the outside of row one for the start. Due to some poor watering techniques at intermission, the outside lane proved to be the place to be for Snyder. Upon exiting turn two, Snyder disposed of the pole sitter and remained fast on the top side of the raceway through the halfway mark. However with laps winding down, second place runner Mike Trevitz was making the bottom work, even passing Snyder at one point coming out of the fourth turn. Snyder quickly returned the favor, sweeping back by on the low side of turn one. Once making the move, Snyder remained on the bottom for the closing laps, holding off repeated attempts by Trevitz, who finished a close second.

The team would like to thank Duke Power, Duke Racing, Adam Dimm and Showtime Racing for the help and support to make the first victory of 2003 possible. With cooperation from Mother Nature, Snyder Racing hopes to make their debut at their home venue this week at Selinsgrove Raceway Park. We hope to see you there!

Snyder Racing is ready for action. First of all, we would like to thank Jim Ferry at Midnight Power for his dedication of service and we wish him well in his future endeavours. With the retiring of Mr. Ferry, Snyder Racing went in search of a new engine builder and was delighted when the folks at Duke Power Racing Engines offered up their services for the 2003 season. Engine services were not the only thing offered at that time, and as of this week, Snyder accepted an offer and signed on as Crew Cheif for the Duke Racing micro sprint.