Snyder Racing Photo Archives
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Archives run from 1996 to 2000
Take a stroll down memory lane in the Snyder Racing Ent. photo gallery.

The kart that started it all in 1996

Ready for Team SRE's first race.

One smooth rookie

Rookies can be racey

And they can wreck too

Rookie determination

2 future stars battling it out

New kart and new look

At speed @ GVAT

Right in the thick of the battle

Our first win!

Racing into the record books

Blowing away the competition

2 great drivers sharing victory lane

We were this close to the GVAT title in '98

A short lived new look

One last look...

Now that's more like it! Scoring a pair on the road @ Borger's

We had the "Answer" in 2000

Flyin' low @ GVAT

Leading the pack at Trailways

Notching yet another win @ GVAT

The 3 amigos!

Ready to quailfy @ Daytona

#32?? Gotta love Daytona registration

Last update 2/22/05