2001 Team Photos
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Photos from the 2001 racign season


A shiny new look for 2001!
These are a few of my favorite photographs from my different travels. Feel free to browse them as you like. If you want one click your right mouse button and choose "Save As" from the menu.

On the gas @ SRP

This was the opening day of the new Selinsgrove Raceway Park.

Leading the pack on July 4th


And just a few laps later...win #1 @ SRP

Our first win at the track we now call home.

My favorite place on raceday....victory lane!

This made 8 different tracks Team SRE has won at in it's history.

Keeping our sponsors happy with a publicity shot.


Win #60

2001 saw the team claim it's 60th victory, this one @ Lil' Greenwood

Even a rock couldn't stop the Ultramax from rolling this day.

Look closely and you can see a hole in the nose...courtesy of a GVAT boulder.

Packing up to head north

Fellow cometitor Adam Dimm and I packed up my Proforce and headed north to Cuddebackville, Ny to take a stab at winning a cool ,000.

Ain't she pretty?

She might not have been much to look at, but boy was she fast. After taking second in my own race, Adam blazed the field and set fast time for the money race by nearly half a second.

He wasn't smiling for long

Despite our best efforts in qualifying, a poor choice of tires led to the demise of our hopes of becoming rich. After only a handful of laps the tires faded and so did Adam. Oh well...we had fun.

Return of a legend

The end of the 2001 season saw the return of a local karting legend. Chad Bogar stepped back into a dirt kart for the first time in several years.